The Famous Bulgarians: Valya Balkanska


Her voice is out of this world. Literally!

A true representative of the magic of the Bulgarian voices, Valya Balkanska is a child of the Rhodopes and a real cultural treasure. So moving is her voice, in fact, that her interpretation of the song Izlel e Delyu Haydutin was deemed worthy enough to be sent into outer space along with 27 other musical masterpieces as a sort of message in a bottle for potential alien civilizations. The song was recorded in 1968 accompanied by two awesome dudes playing bagpipes by Martin Koning, a researcher of Bulgarian folklore, who then released it on a record in the US. That same record coincidentally landed in the hands of the team making the alien playlist “Earthling Vibes” (okay, I made that up, but that’s essentially what it was…) The Bulgarian folk song made the final cut and was sent on a lightyears-long journey into outer space.

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